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The Freedom To Be Yourself

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Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus... Truth, or Deception? Let's Talk!

Join us in an interactive conversation where we'll stretch your thinking, challenge your beliefs and set you free to be yourself.

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9am PST/ 12pm EST/ 4pm UTC / 5pm BST  Click Here For Your Local Time

Feminine and Masculine Energy, Truth of Deception?

From the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese civilisations, right through to the modern-day practices, traditions and conventions, the idea of Feminine and Masculine Energy was a social construct promoted to subdue women and give men the right to rule and decide.

Or do you believe Feminine and Masculine Energy exist?

Join us for an Out of The Box Conversation about Feminine and Masculine Energy! 

Your hosts for this conversation

The two founders of the #NoMoreBoxes - The Transformational Movement and co-authors of the book; The Story of Boxes, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly;  Rúna Magnúsdóttir, the founder and CEO of The Change Makers, and Nicholas Haines, founder and CEO Five Institute UK.


Is this new worldview void of Feminine and Masculine Energy problematic for us to see or believe? Yes, because we're blinded by what we're told is true and what we perceive around us.

Imagine how hard it was to be told the world was round when all you saw was a flat world! We're in that same place, and the gender revolution is just as significant.  

And then there are our FEARS stopping us!

The fear of what people will say if we don't choose to comply to the gender stereotypes or the narrative of Feminine and Masculine Energy. To break the gender rules and be ourselves. 

Are you ready to see things clearly, be brave, and be yourself?

LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW WHERE Dr Carolyn Eddelston & Nicholas (Nick) Haines discuss the socially constructed nature of Feminine and Masculine Energy.    Click on the button.