Our Partners:


We work with conscious minded businesses and organisations ready to create a world where people are no longer defined or discriminated against because of their colour, background, race, gender, religion, sexuality or status. Or anything.

So that we can solve the worlds most pressing and challenging problems such as;

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A group of international thought-leaders and transformational teachers, coming together to empower humans to become the change they want to see in their world.

Founded 2017 by Runa Magnúsdóttir the co-creator of the #NoMoreBoxes Movement & Project.



Worldwide Immigrants Association

The Worldwide Immigrants Association


The Worldwide Immigrants Association is a Canada-based online community with the mission of empowering and guiding immigrants around the world, who are looking to succeed in life, profession, and business, in their new home.

Their vision is to help thousands of immigrants, educating and supporting them through integral information, resources, business opportunities, and community for immigrants, all in one platform, which grants a strong sense of belonging and continuous self-improvement.



Impact Leadership 21


IMPACT Leadership 21™ is a global business platform providing leadership solutions for sustainable and inclusive economies — with special focus and strength in the emerging markets.  Through its vast network, IMPACT Leadership 21™ works with top decision makers of global private and public entities in leveraging the convergence of technology, innovation, impact investment and public-private partnerships to execute and impact development. 

IMPACT Leadership 21 also convenes invitation-only private business forums for leaders and investors who seek solutions to meet their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives through the United Nation’s  17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


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Helping organisations to develop a global mindset and promote diversity to enhance communication, productivity and sense of belonging.





WIN – Women’s Preferred Leadership Experience

Women’s International Networking is an independent global women’s leadership organisation. WIN models, develops, empowers and connects leaders in a feminine, authentic and global way. It is the reference for women working internationally and companies active in women’s leadership and diversity & inclusion.  It runs the women’s preferred global leadership forum – the WINConference, the WINCorporate Network Group, the WIN Development Fund and the WINCommunity. 

A pioneer in the field of professional women’s conferences and leadership journeys on a global scale, WIN has welcomed thousands of leaders and hundreds of companies to live events worldwide.

With a creative and holistic take on traditional business topics, it transforms and celebrates women and companies. Our innovative initiatives are designed to listen and reflect to the desires of the modern working woman and to the companies of the future. WIN provides a platform and an environment that helps individuals and organisations move forward, realise their potential and focus on each person’s authentic contribution.

WIN inspires leaders to run companies and initiatives with noble values, and to fully live their own lives with beauty and enthusiasm. It accelerates change by developing, empowering and connecting leaders to a global, authentic and feminine vision.



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Facilitating value based Conscious Leadership Conversations that are a catalyst for a courageous vocabulary and skill-set to create new futures for business, community and society- a new language for a new world that is taken to scale through digital connection and conversations.


Five Institute UK | Your Vital Life in a Kind and Sustainable world


The Five Institute with The Vitality Test, products, training, events and coaching offers a wide range of help and support for individuals, organisations, businesses and communities.

Their work focuses on mindset and behavioural change, interpersonal relationships, empowerment, cultures and mental and emotional health. They are recognised as giving both innovative and unique solutions to some of life’s most pressing problems.