Special Message to Michelle Obama

This page is for Michelle Obama, anyone connected with her or anyone that wants to see a world free of Boxes that define, divide and limit us.

In this short 3 minute, we’re asking Michelle Obama to consider writing the forward to our new book. The Story of Boxes, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – The Secret to Human Liberation, Peace and Happiness.

“Boxes” are used as a metaphor for a specific mode of thinking that’s embedded in virtually all of humanity: a mode of thinking that is based on grouping, classifying, and categorizing people, things, and ideas.

“Men are like this – Women are like that”

Have you ever heard someone say “Men are like this” or “Women are like that”

Or the latest “Millennials think this way”

That’s putting people into Boxes and it immediately limits them to their Box.

What if you’re a woman, and you really don’t do a collaboration? Or a man and all you want to do is care and collaborate?

Or you’re a Millennial and you don’t live on your phone?

And the list goes on and on…

Putting people into boxes limit us all in terms of who we are and what we can become.

The Darker and even more Destructive Side to Boxes?

Boxes have a far darker side and more destructive side too.

Boxes lead to disrespect, isolation and arguments because they cause division. Boxes more often than not divide us – often artificially – instead of uniting us on a common ground.

They make it more likely that we will defend our position and fight for what we have decided is true. And can cause isolation and fear for those that don’t fit in our Box.

Which, is why we’ve written this book.

To highlight, in a non-judgemental and empowering way that these Boxes are everywhere and it’s our duty to liberate ourselves and other people from them.

The Book Forward And Michelle Obama

When people hear about the book, and ask “Who’s writing the forward to the book?”

We ask “Who do you think should write it?”

9 times out of 10 they say, Michelle Obama.

Which is why we’ve stepped way out of our comfort zone – and probably made fools of ourselves – and made this video.

We’re asking Michelle Obama to write the forward to the book The Story of Boxes, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

We don’t mind the length and we can support the logistics etc.

For more details of the book see the press release CLICK HERE
A summary of the chapters –

All profits from the book go towards supporting the #NoMoreBoxes mission, initially funding the opportunity to attend a free #NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club in your area.

The purpose of a #NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club is to facilitate and create a safe space to understand and explore the consequences of placing people into boxes, liberate ourselves and others, and to co-create the future vision for change in the world.

See Press Release from our #NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club at the Icelandic Embassy in London – Click HERE

Michelle, or anyone that wants to be involved – Please contact us HERE.

Rúna Magnús & Nicholas Haines Icelandic Embassy