Be Yourself

No One Has The Right To Put You In A Box

Society is changing. Are you up to the challenge?

From the Playground to the Boardroom we need a new way to approach Diversity, Gender and Self Expression.  

Dogma, Division and Black & White thinking are not the answers! 

#NoMoreBoxes - The Transformational Movement

The Antidote To Division and Black & White Thinking

Inclusive Engagement sits at the heart of our  Movement! 

We've broken down boxes with Boardrooms, Governmental advisors on gender equality, executives from Capitol Hill, University professors and academics, teachers, entrepreneurs, C-Level, workers, parents and youths. And possibly, someone a little like you!


Change can be fun, enlightening and inspiring!

It's Really Easy To Start Your NoMoreBoxes Journey.

Just Choose An Area of  Interest & Click The Blue Button!

Better Boardrooms & Beyond

We work with the members of Boardrooms because that's where many decisions are made. Plus, we know from personal experience of Charing and serving on Boards it can be hard to address issues of diversity. And by their very nature, blind spots are hard to see.

So, contact us, and we'll start to explore your needs and challenges in a friendly, professional and confidential manner.

Let's Talk About Gender!

From the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese civilisations, right through to the modern-day practices, traditions and conventions, the idea of Feminine and Masculine Energy was socially constructed.

It's a Box we're all put in, and it does untold harm.

Play The Game of Boxes

The Game Of Boxes has been designed to effortlessly work on the unconscious programs AND BOXES that have been programmed into you.

We suggest you start with your negative associations and beliefs around wealth and money, while bonding, learning and connecting with others. There’s nothing quite like this game!

The #SomeNotAll


#SomeNotAll #DiscussTheIssue #NoMoreBoxes

We believe that life doesn’t exist in Black & White, but instead in shades of grey and glorious technicolour. Every human being is different, individual and unique.

“So, when someone says women are like this, or men are like that.

Say “Some Not All.”  ”

“When someone says Republicans are like this, or Democrats are that. 

Say “Some Not All.””


Stop Division and Black & White Thinking and say “Some Not All.”

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